Financial inclusion


Delivery area and funders: One Manchester, New Charter Homes, Northwards Housing and Salix Homes and their tenants can benefit from the scheme.
Lead agency: Northwards
Who does it help? Smarterbuys offers tenants from the participating housing providers the option of an affordable weekly payment plan for goods. Smarterbuys Store is a local investment model where a social landlord (or consortium of social landlords) creates a ‘loan fund’. This is then used to provide two-year hire purchase agreements that enable tenants to buy goods through the Smarterbuys Store with a weekly payment plan.

Prices are much lower than options like high interest stores, payday loans or loan sharks, and there are discounts on some household items.

Other housing providers are able to join and promote the benefits to their tenants. Contact Tracy Langton at Northwards on 0161 720 5886 for more information.

View the store here: