Skills for Employment: Sam's Success Story with For Housing

Sam tells his story about how he secured a role in the ForHousing’s Business Admin team.

Skills for Employment (SfE) offers unemployed adults support to develop a personalised training and support plan to help improve skills and/or find sustainable employment.

Sam Watt has just completed his Administration in Business Excellence training programme placement with ForHousing. Here Sam tells about his journey and how he secured a role in the ForHousing’s Business Admin team.

Background - how did you end of doing the programme?

“I had just finished my first year of university but decided to finish after first year due to health reasons. I took a few months break to get back into a healthy rhythm, but disregarded searching for a job at the time as I didn’t think anywhere would want to hire a dropout with no work experience. I eventually signed on at the job centre who recommended me to the growth company. I went to the growth company for a few months gaining qualifications and attending classes on upskilling such as how to write a good CV, how to act in the workplace etc. During this time, I figured out I wanted to do a business admin type job and so my work coach recommended me to Rache at ForHousing who asked me what I wanted to do and set up a meeting for a placement within the strategy & performance team.”

What you have learnt?

“I have learnt an abundance of new skills to do with software work and workplace manners. As this was my first real experience with a job, I learned how to act in a work space, the type of work that gets done within different teams and more. It also helped me to improve upon my basic knowledge of the Microsoft office packages, especially with Excel, creating graphs and comparing statistics within certain areas. It also helped me to work on myself more than anything, building my confidence up and giving me a sense of purpose as to what I can do with my time. Previously I was very anxious trying to find a job and due to the gap in my CV it was even harder trying to get a job with companies. The fact I was given a chance to work for ForHousing was like putting my foot in the door for a brighter future.”

What happened after the placement?

“I was offered a job when it came to the end of my placement. I am now doing business administrative work for two teams, Strategy & performance and Marketing, as they were the teams I worked closest with on my time in the placement.”

Best Bits:

“There were three main highlights from my time on placement. First was meeting and working with the people in the company. It was nice meeting new people and the team I work with are amazingly kind and supportive. They offered me help with aspects of work if I didn’t understand it and always checked to make sure I was doing well personally and if I needed a brew (they still check regularly now but water is fine for me, ha ha.) The team offered me a lot of options as well while I was on placement before they found the funding for my job, trying to get me a job in another role within the company and talking about doing apprenticeships or training so I could stay close with the company.

The second highlight was my manager ringing me one day and saying they’ve got enough funds for a 6-month full time contract doing the same role, it was so nice to know that all the work I was doing was paying off, I tried to gain as much experience while I was on the placement.

The third highlight was seeing one of my colleagues dressed up as the snowman during a Christmas event, she did a pretty convincing job and it was great to see her jiving around ‘the lighthouse’ venue.”

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