Re-charging My Career After Motherhood: Sobia’s Story

Thursday 16th December 2021

10 years ago, Sobia’s career looked much more uncertain than it does today. Raising a young family and resettling in a brand-new country would put most peoples working life on the backburners, but her passion for teaching and child development has shone through.

After moving to the UK from Pakistan some years earlier, most of Sobia’s time has been occupied looking after her growing family, their future very much her priority as she home-schooled her youngest through the pandemic. Despite this, Sobia used her love of teaching as a motivation to one day continue where she left off in Pakistan, equipped with qualifications and valuable knowledge.


When my children became a bit older, I thought I can finally go ahead with my life. I have my qualifications from Pakistan, and I have done my masters there, but when you come to the UK you must do more courses too.

Sobia was initially signposted to Maria La Mattina, Employment Officer at Stockport Homes, who decided to enrol her on a Level 2 Teaching Assistant course with Plato Training knowing that the experience she already had would carry her with ease. In addition to these studies, she also participated in several of our Skills for Life courses including ‘Safeguarding’, ‘First Aid’, ‘Food Hygiene’ and ‘Participation’. However, despite the excitement of new opportunities Sobia was still very much having to manage her study-life balance;

It was hard during the pandemic. My husband was working from home whilst I was having to home-school my youngest children. At one point I never thought I would be able to become a teaching assistant as the courses take such a long time.

Sobia notes that the support she received from Maria was a huge factor in completing the courses, which she thoroughly enjoyed: Maria went through everything with me as if she knew me beforehand. She was really happy that within this short period of time I was able to manage with the course alongside my household duties.

With hard work, dedication and support from a Stockport Homes’ employment team, Sobia’s dream of working in education once more has come true, having recently been offered a supply teaching assistant position with a view to this being made into a permanent role in the not-too-distant future.

I feel like, ’Oh My God!’ Things are finally changing. Even though my partner has been doing so much for me, when you do something for yourself – it’s a great achievement. I have done better than I expected. All of the late-night studies have finally paid off.

But she isn’t stopping there. Expanding upon existing skills, Sobia is training to work alongside children with special educational needs, which she hopes to complete this month. In that time, she has also finished a course in child psychology, which reflects the dedication to not only helping herself but to understand and help others too.

When you have a nice experience like I have with Stockport Homes, you want to stay connected with them. If anybody in my position asked me, I would say go to Stockport Homes and they will guide you in the right direction.

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