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Making your own luck: Finding Work in a Digital World Only Takes the Right Attitude

Thursday 16th December 2021

The journey to getting back into employment can often come with setbacks, barriers and personal challenges, but just like Digital Customer Advisor, Carl Harris, says “To achieve, you have got to want to do it. I’ve been lucky, but sometimes you make your luck.”

In late 2020, Carl was signposted to Athena Partner Stockport Homes by National Careers, where he met employment officer Maria La Mattina and his journey began. Due to underlying health issues Carl found himself unemployed, though he felt that with the right support through Maria’s experience he would be ready to apply himself to a working role in a part-time capacity.

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To make sure he was fully equipped, Maria enrolled Carl into various employment and wellbeing related courses, which act as the perfect starting point to reintegrate participants into the working environment, connect with likeminded people and pick up the skills needed for today’s job market.

I’ve learned through the champion training that you need to have a brave space before you can have a safe space. To achieve you have got to want to do it, as well as helping others by encouraging in a positive way.

Stockport Homes’ Employment Team managed to help Carl with his CV whilst bolstering his interview skills and the search for his new job. Just two weeks later, and for the first time in his life, Carl had secured a digital interview over zoom for Startpoint’s temporary Census Adviser. His success then continued, when an opportunity for an 8-week placement as Care Call’s admin assistant came knocking.

I can honestly say the skills that I picked up and brushed up, even to using google documents or Microsoft teams was superb. I’ve had to work hard at everything I do for the majority of the time, but Care Call allowed me to express that as it’s a really nice working environment.

Despite the placement being finite, every Tuesday Carl has agreed to continue his involvement with Care Call on a voluntary basis, as he notes I couldn’t commit to a full time position because of health reasons, but I’ll continue to volunteer because I loved it so much, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens and in Carl’s case this couldn’t be truer. Filled with confidence, new and refined skills – his latest opportunity would arrive via Startpoint as a Digital Customer Adviser, where Carl currently sits in post. Based at Cornerstone, Stockport Homes Group’s central hub, he’s still able to see familiar faces;

 “I’ve worked in various sectors all up and down the country and this is such a pleasant environment. That’s made by the people. I am enjoying the work that I am doing at the moment, I’ve not been in an environment like this before - Stockport Homes is a top 100 company for a reason.

I was recently supporting a 96-year-old ex-magistrate who said, ‘You know what young man you’ve made that so much easier for me’. Job satisfaction doesn’t get much better than that, considering what she’s seen in life and the experiences she’s had.

Carl’s accomplishments show that with the right mindset and support, you can become an integral part of the Stockport Homes family. He envisions a bright future for himself at the organisation, where he hopes to one day secure a permanent contract.

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