Be Well team at Northwards Housing

At Northwards Housing the Be Well team have been busy helping residents get back on track and take control.

The Be Well service at Northward Housing is for people who are having a tough time and finding it hard to cope. The coaches help with all sorts of situations. Please watch the videos below to find out about how the service has helped people.

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An extra £1,000 and a new home

Hear how they helped an elderly lady gain an extra £1,000 after Carol realised she wasn’t getting all the benefits she should be. Watch how Carol also helped her to find a new home after years of “sofa surfing”.

Controlling depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety can have lots of causes. Watch how Sarah helped a gentleman regain control after problems with his benefits got out of hand.

Dealing with bereavement and anger

The loss of his mother left a young man sleeping in his car and almost jobless. Watch how Emma helped him get his life back on track.

No more tears

After his wife developed Alzheimer’s, one older gentleman struggled to cope. Becoming a carer was a big shock for him and he wasn't looking after his diabetes. Watch how Sarah helped him to learn to manage things at home.

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